Materialize the sensation

Fabrication through collage construction is at the working center of my practice of Sculpture. The work process is based on a series of intuitive choices and actions; a making and constructing something that results in vibration of poetic mystery.


My original sensation; the one I get from certain found materials, leads to a series of physical actions altering the original purpose of the materials and transforming them by combination and slight alteration into something new. Different substances, pieces of things, isolated from their former usefulness, connected together, communicate and share their innate life producing new emotions and revealing their potential inner natures.


The actions performed, the process, emanate from my emotion and reaction to the possible combination of forms. The particular emotion revealed in the end is a record of the sensations recalled from the materials and is directed by and connects with my psychological world, ultimately producing a sculpture.


My body movement as a measurement of feeling is involved in the process of the making and relates dimension and proportion of the artwork back to the my body. The spontaneous process making every sculpture is a unique and unpremeditated product of my soul, which is un-reproducible.

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