Yi Zhang and Weichen Sha are an artist couple, who are both born in the 1980’s in China and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. They currently are having a long-distance relationship in their marriage. Weichen lives and works in Beijing as a conceptual artist. Yi studies sculpture and works in New York. The enormous different living and artistic environment results in complex variations between their creative methods, which both conflict as well as relate to each other.


Zao Space invited the couple to collaborate on a new project- Open Up, this past summer. On this  project there was only one condition that Yi would physically transform a finished work of Weichen’s. Yi could do anything she liked, even completely destroy the piece. On the collaboration,  over a month, the couple would engage in a free flowing dialogue that explored the nature of artistic ideas, the influences by one’s culture and environment, and try to open up more possibilities in art. 


To check out related documentary and more information about this project please visit          www.zaospace.com

About artist Weichen Sha please visit      www.shaweichen.com

Project:Open Up
Lautched by Zao Space
Curator:  Ga Qin
Artist:  Weichen Sha
             Yi Zhang

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